Interesting Facts About Europe

Europe is a continent, not a country. Whether you believe it or not, some people still get this fact wrong. But aside from that and from being known as one of the leading tourist destinations, this continent has more interesting things to offer that most people are not aware of. Let’s break those misconceptions and misinformation about this colorful territory.

The largest country in the world is in Europe

Europe is the 2nd smallest continent in the world, but ironically, this is where Russia, the world’s largest country, is located. About 40 percent of Europe’s total land area is occupied by Russia. It has been the subject of confusion for quite a while as to where Russia should really belong, whether in Asia or in Europe. However, it has been established that 75% of the population of Russia is residing in the European continent.

The smallest country in the world is in Europe

It may sound a bit too much of a coincidence, but yes, while Europe houses the largest country, it does have the smallest country in the world, too. The Vatican, which is only .44 square kilometers in size, or roughly about a hundred acres, is mostly mistaken as just a city located in Rome in Italy. In reality, the Vatican is a country surrounded by borders of Rome and has been separated from Italy since 1929.

It is not the Eiffel tower in Europe that has the most number of visits

We all know that the Eiffel tower is a very popular tourist destination and is, in fact, associated with many romantic scenes in real life and in the movies or television. Most of us probably think that it is the most visited attraction in Europe. Well, it is not! It is actually Disneyland in Paris that has the most number of tourist visits, reaching to more than 15 million in a year compared to Eiffel Tower that has less than 7 million.

The largest colony of ants is found in Europe

Ants are known to be very industrious and hardworking, and it looks like they are working really hard in Europe than in other parts of the world! The largest colony in the entire world is found in Europe, specifically sprawled near the Atlantic coastal areas of Spain all the way through the Northern part of Italy. That’s about six thousand kilometers long!

Some countries in Europe have unusual laws

Laws are created to maintain peace and order and to show respect to our fellow people. But there are laws in some countries in Europe that appear to be weird to some people, but of course, there are justifiable reasons for these laws. A few examples of these are:


  • No hanging of clothes out to dry on a Sunday (Switzerland)
  • No mowing of loans on a Sunday (Switzerland)
  • Headlights must be turned on at all times when driving even during daytime (Denmark)
  • Kissing at train stations are prohibited (England and France)
  • No driving of dirty cars (Russia)

All these facts add to the lure of Europe in the international landscape. It’s so dense with food, art, and culture that there’s no denying how anyone wouldn’t want to at least visit.


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