Four Heart-Stopping Activities in Europe for Every Thrill-Seeker

Many times we go to the cities of Europe to indulge in the cuisines and the cultures, but we forget the main reason why we travel: adventure. Why limit ourselves to just walking around the cities when we can go for some thrilling heart-stopping adrenaline rush? You can’t really say you’ve gone around Europe without experiencing one of these.

Base jumping (Kjerag Mountain, Lysefjord, Ryfykle, Norway)

The Lysefjord in Ryfykle, Norway is just one of many beautiful fjords scattered throughout the country. Most adventurers would come here for a hike up to Kjerag Mountain, but for those who want a more serious thrill? They go for the more daring base-jumping, the act of free-falling only to land with the help of a parachute. This though is not recommended for the faint of heart for the danger it poses, but those who do get to experience it will not only feel the rush of adrenaline but would also be greeted by the beauty of the Lysefjord itself.

Bungee jumping (Engelberg, Switzerland)

Bungee jumping is a feat popularly accomplished throughout the world, from the sandy deserts of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to the mountainous Alpine village of Engelberg in Switzerland where thrill-seekers go for that death-defying leap of faith. Here they meet first down at the Angel Eye gondola in Station Gerschnialp where they ride up by cable car to the point where they leap out, held only by a 140-meter rope. This activity, like many listed here, is only for the most courageous and for those who seek for adventure beyond the calm of the Alps.

Cog railway ride (Pilatus-Bahnen, Lucerne, Switzerland)

This particular ride from Lucerne in Switzerland is best encompassed by the “Golden Round Trip,” a ride around the panoramic Mt. Pilatus up via the Pilatus-Bahnen or the Pilatus Railway and then down via the aerial cable gondola. The Pilatus Railway itself is known as the world’s steepest cogwheel railway, climbing around the mountain’s steep slopes through the forests by the lake shore and up the rocky crags to the Pilatus-Kulm. Its location, foundation, and age all add to the risks of riding it, but the beautiful sights around this mountainous village make for a rewarding thrill.

Paragliding (Tirol, Austria)

There is nothing like climbing up someplace high to find yourself in the midst of many beautiful mountains, but sometimes you just wish you could go someplace higher to really see it all. Why not paraglide then? This act of gliding around with a parachute is popular here in Tirol in Austria where it’s long been known to be one of the places to go for paragliding, attracting many fans of the sport every year. Beginners and experts alike flock here to paraglide over the famed mountains of Tirol, greeted by mountaintops peeking through thick canopies of clouds and mist with the sun just peering over the horizon.

There are many more activities in Europe that would reward you with an adrenaline rush, but these call for death-defying feats of bravery that would otherwise reward you with heart-pumping adrenaline for a moment and memories for a lifetime.


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