Five of the Wealthiest Countries in Europe

Europe is a vast continent consisting of about 10,180,000 square kilometers and has a population of around 741,447,158. This continent is the home of famous countries that are mostly visited by tourists because of their famous attractions, traditions, and food. Although these facts are quite interesting, another thing that most people want to know is what countries in this continent are identified as the richest and wealthiest of them all. Want to know this too? Here’s a list.

1.  Luxembourg

Although this country is one of the smallest in the continent when it comes to land area, it has proven its worth by getting to the top spot for the richest country in Europe. It has about $ 107,736 GDP (PPP) per capital as estimated in 2017. The steel industry, as well as banking and financial services, is the leading contributors to this country’s wealth. Luxembourg is home to the world’s biggest steel producing company, ArcelorMittal.

2.  Norway

We often hear this country mentioned as being used in location sites for movies and TV series. Yes, it has impressive scenic spots as we can see on the wide screen, but it is not just what makes it one of the wealthiest countries in Europe. With a $72,702 GDP (PPP) per capita as estimated in 2017, it ranked 2nd in the whole of Europe. Norway is naturally rich in forests (which is why it is mostly preferred for shooting location sites), natural gas, hydro power, fish, oils, and minerals. These resources have been properly used and improved, raking in more than enough income to sustain the population.

3.   Ireland

Pierce Brosnan, Mel Gibson, Westlife. Do these names sound familiar? I bet they do! These celebrities all came from Ireland and had contributed a lot to the country’s pride and wealth. However, there are other contributors too that made Ireland claim the 3rd spot as the richest in Europe. Its alcoholic beverage industry is the number one contributor to its financial success. It has an estimated GDP (PPP) per capita of $69,231. Also, Ireland is the leading Zinc producer in Europe.

4.  Switzerland

Tall snowy mountains, top of the line watches and clocks, famous food company; these are just a few of the major contributors that make Switzerland the 4th richest country in Europe. With an estimated GDP (PPP) per capita of $59,561, it has successfully lifted its economy off the ground for many years already. Switzerland is home of Nestle, the famous food company, and Ulysse Nardin, the world’s most expensive brand of watches.

5.  San Marino

Last but not least, San Marino has an estimated GDP (PPP) per capita of $ 59,058. This country has amazingly no national debt! With the world’s current economic state, this is highly impressive, but San Marino was able to pull it off. If you are fond of wines and cheeses, you must know that these are the major agricultural products of this country.

Proper use of one country’s main resources greatly benefits the entire nation. It is good to know that these countries in Europe were able to maintain their financial status amidst the current economic crisis that other countries are going through.


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