Eight Tips When Traveling To Europe

Traveling around the world has crossed everyone’s mind one way or another. No matter how much we would love to visit the many beautiful destinations all over the globe, we can never avoid that traveler’s dilemma, especially when heading to a foreign country.

If you’re planning to go to Europe, I’ve written this simple guide on how to go about your trip so that you can enjoy without any strings attached.


1. Avoid peak season.

Picking the right time for your trip is essential so that you can avoid overpriced costs on flights and vacation rentals. So, when traveling to Europe, it is advisable to go there from November to March (off-season) or April to June (shoulder season) in order to keep money in your pocket; and, of course, for you to experience the beauty of Europe with lesser tourists and shorter lines in famous destinations.

2. Rent a villa.

A villa is a European term for vacation rentals. If you’re the type of traveler who loves extra space with great value, booking a villa is always a great way to go. Yes, it might cost a bit more than what you’re willing to pay, but if you’re moving in packs, you can easily afford it.

3. Keep a pocket dictionary handy.

Europe is a country with a multitude of spoken languages. To avoid difficulties in communicating with the locals, aside from learning common phrases before your trip, having a pocket dictionary in your bags, pouches, or purses is always helpful.

4. Go on a food trip.

European countries like Paris, London, and Rome have some of the world’s best restaurants. From Modena’s Osteria Francescana, El Celler de Can Roca, Mirazur, to Vendôme, Europe has a lot to offer when it comes to satisfying your taste buds. Mealtime in Europe is considered a chance to socialize. Enjoy the food without having to think about being in a rush. Just remember that the bill at most European restaurants already has service charge included, so it is suggested to only give a modest tip for good service.

5. Utilize public transportation.

Purchasing a rail pass is advisable if you want to travel from country to country or explore each city. With Europe’s vast rail network, you can reach any destination with a rail pass in hand.

6. Go to music festivals.

Europe is popular for their music festivals. If you are a music lover, then going to one should be on your bucket list! You’ve got various choices of festivals to go to like Tomorrow land, Isle of Wight Festival, Ultra Europe, Wireless Festival and Glastonbury. Just don’t forget to bring your festival essentials like a tent, sleeping bag, toiletries, reusable water bottles, snacks, a portable phone charger, and enough clothes in case you get wet.

7.Be friendly.

Always keep this in mind! There will be times when you will need help with the directions or need assistance in communicating with some locals, so always have a smile on your face and greet them politely. This way, you might even be lucky enough to score dinner recommendations or make a new friend during your trip!


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