Backpacking Around Europe: Some Good Advice

If you are a student and you want to go around Europe by means of backpacking, then seize this moment and make it happen already. It is easier to travel countries within the continent this time around. Many students flock to the area because it is teeming with rich cultures and history. The countries are also quite near from each other, and there are many transportation options that you can choose from.

Tourists who wanted to travel to the continent back then would have been obligated to carry with them a variety of visas referring to every country they want to visit. They also need to change currencies each time they passed a border. But today with a practically universal currency all over the continent, the majority of countries within the continent are now letting unlimited journeys throughout borders, making traveling all over Europe easier and faster for this generation.

What Backpackers Should Bring with Them

First things first, you need a good backpack for the trip. This means a sturdy, durable one with the right specs. Backpacks are the number 1 choice for most students for traveling long-distance since it has a nice fit and allows for lots of freedom of movement. Regardless of the terrain or transportation, a backpack will not be that much of a hassle unlike a suitcase or a handbag.

Since you have plans to backpack, packing light is the key. You will want to pack enough clothes and items that will not weigh your pack down but will also last you until the last day of your stay. If you have plans to settle there for more than a week, you need to look for laundry facilities where you can wash your clothes.

You have to consider this on each stop you plan on visiting so you will not need to bring along lots of clothing. There are hotels do offer laundry for a small fee. In case you accommodations do not have laundry facilities, you can consider changing to one that has one or ask the staff where the nearest laundromat is located.

You need to bring with you shoes that are comfortable for trekking around. If you have plans to enjoy the nightlife, you should bring an additional pair with you. Bring with you toiletries in handy, traveler sizes, just the ones that are not available in Europe. Europe has lots of drug stores too so most of your basic toiletries will be covered.

Bring some Band-Aids with you to ease blisters since you will be walking a lot. In addition, you may need these items as well.

  • Calling cards
  • numbers of embassies to the countries you want to visit
  • a Swiss Army knife
  • Q-tips
  • sunscreen
  • lip balm
  • medicines
  • Camera, video camera
  • phone chargers, universal power converter plug

When it comes to guides, hostels to have them on hand so you will not need to purchase one. You might need to leave ample room for souvenirs you may purchase as you travel from one spot to another.

Regardless of the time of year or the duration of your stay, you need to enjoy and take in the sights, sounds, and cultures around you. Make sure to absorb all of the enjoyment all you can—from the locals’ warm welcome, the amazing food, music, history, noise, the beautiful scenery, take pleasure in it.



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